Instructional videos

Other than the classic safety films, there are many areas in which video is the ideal tool to train your employees quickly, efficiently and clearly. InBeeld is more than a video supplier: we can also support you with the development of a complete training program.

Short clips are often used in Power Point presentations, as well as videos in e-learning courses.

For educational purposes InBeeld makes clips supporting up-to-date teaching methods.
As always we can provide solutions for every budget.

How-to videos

Business to business, and business to customer, “How to” videos are not only ideal to help your customers to use your products properly. They are simultaneously an excellent promotion and marketing tool.
The countless how-to videos on YouTube have proved to be one of the most visited categories.

Your potential client will see how to use the product, and is confident about the purchase. In addition, you refer to the “How- to” videos for the product manual, so your service team needs to spend less time and energy in after-service. The videos answer the FAQ’s before they are posed by your clients.

With a smart approach several movies can be recorded in one day. Depending on the product and your audience it can be useful to make different language versions of these videos.

Tell us about your project and find out how InBeeld can help you. Contact us today!

Instructional videos made by InBeeld

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