Corporate videos

By means of a corporate video you can introduce your company in a fast, clear and attractive way.

At InBeeld, the making of a corporate film starts by taking a good look at your company: who you are, what you do and what your message is. We also need to know who your target audience is, so a conversation about who you want to target will need to take place. This way we can accurately create a video for your target audience. This is of primary importance in order to achieve an efficient communication.

People are most attracted by a story, not numbers, formulas, buildings or machines. InBeeld sees a corporate video as the perfect display of your passion, drive and professionalism, and ensures that this is portrayed effectively in film. You always receive a tailor-made concept that works towards effectively telling your story to your target audience, within the parameters of your budget. Groomed and dynamic camera work puts the focus on your story, with actors and extras being procured by InBeeld, where necessary.

We often make a corporate video in many different formats to be used on many different platforms: a full version, a version without commentary text for scholarships, a version divided into modules for your website or PowerPoint presentation, and many more …

Tell us about your project and find out how InBeeld can help you. Contact us today !

Corporate videos made by InBeeld

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