Stories from East-Africa 7 January 2016

CGIAR is a sister organization of World Food Program. In a series of short coverages we show how small farmers take practical measures to cope with the changing climate. For this we filmed in Kenya, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso and India. An additional challenge were the interviews which were mostly conducted in the local language. For this they were dubbed on the spot by an interpreter, to allow us to do the editing in a later stage.

Year action plan safety 7 January 2016

Safety is a constant concern in the building industry. This video supports the Year Action Plan and is also a major factor in the VCA certification. Often the same message is communicated so an original approach is desirable.

Tips & Tricks for bakery, episode 11 7 January 2016

“How to” videos are very popular on online channels just as You Tube. They help the (potential) client with a specific problem and show the way to your company. Simultaneously these videos support the image of your company.

Zimmer PSI medical instruction video 7 January 2016

Zimmer manufactures, among other things, knee prostheses. By using this video they train doctors to use their products, often in combination with a presentation at a medical seminar. InBeeld knows the rules of filming in an operating room.

Training Aggression and Hold-up 8 October 2015

This training video – the first of a series – was filmed in association with Prevent-Up and commissioned by the French perfume chain Nocibé.

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