Our approach

With more than 25 years of experience in the film and television industry, InBeeld advises its customers throughout the entire process of project creation. Each of our projects begins with a conversation and becomes your story, we listen to you carefully in order to learn more about your project, and work alongside you as your brand storytellers.

Onze aanpakOur creative collaboration is essential to bring your story to life in a professional manner, working alongside you to ensure the message you want is translated through the production.

Here at InBeeld we have a simple, yet effective, approach: we get to know you thoroughly first before we offer you an unique concept, created just for you.

Throughout every stage of the production process, InBeeld involves you and can offer quick changes, or creative input, to make sure we create the perfect video for your project.

Tell us about your project and find out how we can help. Contact us today!


InBeeld constantly seeks the most efficient method to work, and dares to choose new working methods and innovative techniques. Through smart investments in audiovisual content, InBeeld ensures that your video and audio material remains available for other applications – making your investment with us work to maximum effect.

InBeeld will gladly work with your staff in order to get the maximum out of your budget, making the return on your investment higher.

Production workflow

Depending on your project needs and budget, InBeeld offers you three different methods to achieve a professional video production.

1. InBeeld does the filming and editing, you do the directing

You can hire InBeeld as a supplier of purely technical means (recording, editing  sound, subtitles, coding) while you do the production of your video.

2. InBeeld creates your video

If you prefer InBeeld to do your movie production then we can make a (low- budget) proposal. According to your project and budget InBeeld can provide a tailor-made concept.

3. InBeeld produces your film with high production value

Working with an external director, InBeeld sets up a specialized production team and completes the project to your desired result. With InBeeld coordinating the project, we are responsible for all aspects of the creation process. Post-production, developing the scene, special imaging techniques, elaborate lighting, specialised camera work, complex animations… whatever your project needs, InBeeld ensures that the best experts are engaged.

For both own productions and projects with an external director the workflow is as follows:

  • Intake and introduction to your company or organization
  • Writing out your story and/or message. To this a basic concept is linked.
  • Determining a budgetary framework.
  • Visit all the shooting locations.
  • Elaboration of the basic concept into a working screenplay.
  • If necessary, selection of actors and/or extras.
  • Shooting on location or in studio.
  • Presentation of a design and possibly graphic concept.
  • Presentation of the editing (first version).
  • Adjustments according to your feedback.
  • Final voice-over and sound mix.
  • Any language versions with native speaker and subtitles.
  • Coding of the desired media formats.
  • Back-up.
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