No matter the project, campaign, or company, a beautiful video can ensure that you succeed. With professional camera work, perfect lighting and great sound, your business or organisation can create a more credible image.

Opname InBeeldOnly a professional cameraman has both the technical knowledge and the necessary creativity to tell a strong visual story and depict your message. When you work with InBeeld we choose a style that best suits your scenario. Working alongside you ensures that your project fits your dream.

Working with us provides access to our very own technical equipment. InBeeld has its own cameras, sound equipment, lighting, auto cue, dolly etc.

You can hire us for filming corporate videos, promo clips, training films, testimonials, reports, presentations, etc…

Tell us about your project and find out how InBeeld can help you. Contact us today!

Video assignments abroad

InBeeld has filmed on location in most European Union countries, but has also worked in
Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, China, Dubai Egypt, Ethiopia, Fujairah, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Oman, Turkey, US and Vietnam.

InBeeld buitenlandse reportages

Cameraman Bart Sels in Kenia

Cameraman Bart Sels in Afrika

Filming interviews in Kenia

Compilation of our projects



By using a multi-camera setup, InBeeld can record shows, live-events, presentations and numerous other events with multiple cameras arranged to produce the perfect video for your event.
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Drone camera

Drone camera

The drone is an incredible revolution in the land of film. The recordings of these "flying cameras" can deliver a unique value to your production.
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