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With over 25 years of experience in video production, InBeeld can advise its customers on the best course of action for a truly creative production. Each of our projects begins with a conversation and becomes your story, we listen to you carefully in order to learn more about your project, and work alongside you as your brand storytellers. Our creative collaboration is our greatest strength. With a short line of communication during your production, we have an incredible working relationship alongside you at a competitive price.

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Bart Sels

Founder, Director, and the creative force here at InBeeld – Bart Sels brings great knowledge and experience of the industry into your campaigns.
After studying at the RITCS in Brussels, Bart began his career in 1989 as a video editor in the Flemish TV world at BRTN. Later on he worked for high-end post-production companies.
Since 2000 Bart has brought his broadcast expertise and experience to companies and organizations in need of professional video services.

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More than getting everything in frame, a professional video recording is a mixture of correct exposure and a perfection of sound. Our cameraman can help you tell your brand’s story in creative and surprising ways.
Here at InBeeld we can provide filming for a wide variety of services: News Reports, Documentaries, Educational Projects, Corporate Videos, Commercials, and much more!
We have an extensive portfolio of international work and can accommodate almost any request.

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After filming, your video project will need to be edited – assembling the video, audio and graphic elements to create the perfect final piece for you.
Design, virtual rhythm and “story telling” determine the end result. Photoshop, animated graphics en subtitles are done in-house.
As well as creating great videos for your project, we can also edit any footage you already have and help you create the perfect video for your brand.

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Production InBeeld provides complete production of your movie



In today’s society, a professional video is essential to any successful website or presentation, contributing to the image of your company and brand.
InBeeld has the resources and the experience, to create your movie in a cost effective and timely manner – involving you throughout the entire production process to ensure you are satisfied with the work – as well as keeping the correct creative vision during the project.
InBeeld can help you to create projects with a high production value as well as lower budget productions. [read more]

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